change is the only cure

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Salvador Dalí in collaboration with Walt Disney.

This is hauntingly pretty.

dali is literally the definition of a tripper

ocean & desert colors on clear vinyl.

The home of the great bewilderbeast. The alpha species. One of the very few that still exist. Every nest has its queen but this is the king of all dragons. With his icy breath, this graceful giant built our nest; a safe haven for dragons everywhere. We all live under his care and his command.”

(Source: snowydragons, via brain-food)


Updated #WIP for @badappleartists monthly art auction. The original will be up for auction later today at #leilanijoy #mermaid #mermaidart #art

"Shit, I have a fish in the eye"(“Merde, j’ai un poisson dans l’oeil”)
Watercolor - 2014

Such a cute tattoo done by Kid Kros